4 common misconceptions of outsourced IT services on the Gold Coast

Wondering if outsourcing IT is a good option for your business? While countless companies are choosing to outsource IT services, many people…

Outsourced IT Gold Coast.
Posted on: March 12th, 2019 onPlatinum

Wondering if outsourcing IT is a good option for your business? While countless companies are choosing to outsource IT services, many people are still unsure of what outsourced services are and how they will impact their business. These misconceptions are keeping businesses from switching to outsourced IT services. Below are the most common misconceptions of outsourced IT services of Gold Coast businesses.

1. You don’t need to outsource if you already have an IT department.

Many companies believe that because they already have an existing IT department, there is no need for outsourced IT services. However, outsourcing IT helps your internal IT department to be more efficient as they are spending less time resolving minor issues for other staff members. The IT department will have more time to work on internal projects, strategic planning, and company growth.

2. Outsourcing IT isn’t for small businesses.

Businesses of all sizes on the Gold Coast can significantly benefit from outsourced IT services. It provides the company, big or small, with gaining a competitive edge. Outsourced IT services will also help small businesses to operate far more securely and safely than otherwise. For small businesses especially, it allows the company to focus on developing the core business and leave the IT work for external experts.

3. It’s more secure to keep everything within the company.

Countless businesses assume that having all their technology under their control is more secure than using outsourced services. Managed IT providers offer a higher level of attention to your security that an internal IT department might miss due to being overwhelmed with other work. Outsourced IT providers provide increased protection through regularoonatinumatimonitoring and updates, as well as immediately responding to threats. Utilising onPlatinum on the Gold Coast for outsourced IT will also ensure that multiple backups of company data are kept, ensuring that if something does go wrong, there will be backups in place.

4. Outsourced IT services are costly.

Managed service providers will work with a company to best meet their needs within a specific budget. They will have the expertise to understand the requirements based on a company’s operations and goals. They can also provide value through product bundling, and monthly payments instead of lump upfront costs.

It’s important to keep these misconceptions in mind when looking to upgrade or improve IT within a business. It can be worthwhile to discuss with a managed service provider to further understand the benefits that outsourced IT services can achieve.

For more information on outsourcing your IT needs on the Gold Coast, get in contact with onPlatinum today or learn about our Managed IT Services.

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