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Protect your confidential information with dark web and domain monitoring

24/7 dark web monitoring with real-time alerts to protect your confidential data.

Cybercriminals can make millions selling your data on the dark net

The dark web is a deep sub-layer of the internet that is hidden from conventional search engines. Operating anonymously, the dark net is the perfect environment for criminals to conduct illegal activity and handle stolen data. Anyone can buy your confidential information or credentials to ruin your reputation or gain access to vital business systems.

Hackers and scammers are getting more innovative and more efficient. The dark web offers a vast marketplace for hackers to sell compromised business data. onPlatinum’s dark net monitoring scours chat rooms, blogs, websites, forums, and black-market sites 24/7 to identify stolen personally identifiable information or credentials.

Enterprise Dark web alerts
Dark web monitoring

Enterprise dark web monitoring with real-time alerts

Dark web monitoring is a proactive way to check if your data is for sale online. Dark web scanning and monitoring can help businesses to detect and mitigate cyber threats that leverage stolen information, such as email addresses, passwords, or customer data. onPlatinum can help identify if your confidential data has been exposed on the dark web and provide tools to eliminate future data theft.

With around the clock monitoring and dark web alerts, onPlatinum will keep an eye out if your business data gets leaked on the dark net. Automatic alerts will notify our team when credentials are listed for sale on the dark net. We will also provide regular updates and detailed monitoring reports to detect any vulnerabilities before your data is at risk. Our systems even track old employees, as their company-issued credentials may still be active and valid within third-party programs they used while employed.

Is your data for sale on the dark web? Find out with onPlatinum’s dark web monitoring. Contact us today.

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