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Align business and IT strategy

Utilise our expertise to align your strategies and respond to an ever-changing IT environment.

Project delivery

We work alongside your internal IT department and third-party providers to ensure that your projects run smoothly. Anything from a new server to an entire overhaul of your network or building, we deliver projects on time and budget. We oversee the whole project from planning to implementation, documentation and handover, and as your point of contact, we will provide regular progress updates to keep you engaged in the project.

Project delivery

Virtual CIO

Small or medium-sized businesses often miss out on having the technical knowledge and expertise of a Chief Information Officer (CIO). Without someone to lead your IT strategy, operations, and budget and a proper long-term plan in place, you will see a negative impact on productivity, potentially expensive IT risks, and missed opportunities for your business.

onPlatinum’s Virtual CIO (VCIO) is a cost-effective way to ensure that your IT and business strategies are aligned. Our VCIO works with your decision-makers or internal IT department to plan out the current and future state of your IT. We take a broad focus –  our audit will look at your entire IT network, hardware, security, and disaster recovery.

Advisory board member

Our experienced team can provide regular IT and strategic advice to your board, assisting you in responding to changes within your industry and the ever-changing IT environment. As an advisory board member, we will provide ongoing support to align your IT strategy with organisational objectives and long-term goals.

Advisory board

Policy & procedure planning / documentation

IT policies and procedures are developed for business continuity – we want to help keep your business running, no matter what. Each company is unique, so we won’t create a generic policy from a template. We will work with you to build the documentation based on your individual needs to match your priorities, company culture, technology, and compliance standards.

onPlatinum provides a range of policies and procedures, including Cybersecurity, Information classification, and Incident response.

With proper policies and procedures in place, decisions can be made with greater confidence, and your employees can act with certainty. Everyone will be aware of their obligations concerning IT within the business, identifying each business functions role in the process.

Feel like you’re falling behind? Keep up in an ever-changing world backed by the technical knowledge and expertise of onPlatinum. Contact us today.

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