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Managed cloud solutions with advanced security and scalability

Access your office at any time, on any device, from any location with onPlatinum’s cloud computing.

Cloud computing that grows with your business

The days of running IT operations in a cluttered server room with expensive onsite hardware are gone. Cloud computing offers superior security, scalability, and data protection over an onsite system.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from working with a managed cloud service provider. When switching to cloud computing, most companies report saving money and improving efficiency. onPlatinum’s cloud solution will help you reduce the costs associated with IT equipment and hardware.

Our managed cloud solutions are tailored and customised to your business needs, with predictable fixed fees and the ability to scale with demand easily. You only pay for the space and services being utilised by your business.

onPlatinum cloud computing
onPlatinum cloud backup

We partner with world leading data centres and store backups of your data daily in multiple geographical locations. With automatic security patches and access to the latest software updates at no additional cost, be assured that your sensitive data and information will be protected.

Access your office at any time, on any device, from any location with onPlatinum’s managed cloud solutions. You can transform your business with everything you need hosted in our secure remote facilities, with seamless integration into your business operations. Cloud computing is dynamic and continually evolving, with new integrations available daily to improve your business’s productivity.

Expensive engine room? Manage costs, migrate to the cloud (and out of the office), and make critical backups when you partner with onPlatinum. Contact us today.

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