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Enterprise Identity Protection: Guarding Against Lost/Stolen Credentials

Corporate credential theft is real. But it doesn’t have to happen to you.

What Is Identity Protection?

Having your identity stolen is one thing. Having your business credentials stolen is another. Usernames and passwords are important private data that grant access to sensitive information—and that have the potential to grant hackers access to your company’s data if not safeguarded.

Enterprise identity protection solutions are implemented to protect the information that grants access to your business’s sensitive data. This kind of identity protection is designed to prevent unauthorised access to systems and databases, and goes so far as to add extra safety measures so that nobody other than the owner of the credential can gain access.

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Anti Phishing Credential Protection

There are multiple ways corporate credentials can be compromised. These include:

● Ex-employees with continued access
● Phishing campaigns (email and otherwise)
● Other forms of hacking
● Weak passwords
● Thinly veiled security

Using Multi-Factor Authentication

One of the best ways to secure data and facilitate enterprise identity protection is to use a multi-factor authentication solution. MFA cyber security is designed for modern offices, adding a second, time-sensitive layer of security to protect against hackers.

This two-step authentication process makes it easy for users to log in no matter where in the world they are or which device they’re logging into. If your employees do fall victim to corporate identity theft, MFA cyber security stops the thief in their tracks.

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Using Federated Identity Management

Federated Identity Management—FIM—is a more modern type of password management, designed to eliminate the need for multiple passwords across different devices. Sign-in is fast and secure, but it’s not always the optimal solution for businesses. However, it’s worth understanding the mechanics of it in order to compare it to MFA security options and SSO (single sign-on) solutions.

This type of security allows users to sign into multiple programs and apps using existing ID information. A good example of this kind of security model is when you sign into an account using your Google or Facebook account.

Using Enterprise Password Management

A password management application creates, stores, and automatically fills your password in for you when logging into important accounts. Employees simply need to log into each account once or manually add their credentials to their password manager, and it stores their username and password for future logins. Passwords are encrypted to the highest degree, so it’s extremely secure.

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Why Trust On Platinum With Your Enterprise Identity Protection?

We know that the key to effective enterprise identity protection is to place the control directly in your hands… And keep it there. We aim to give you complete control in an easy-to-manage way, including:

  • Full administrative control
  • Administrative monitoring
  • Layered security measures
  • Top-level encryption
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Enterprise password management
  • Safe password sharing
  • User-friendly processes

Our system is designed to help you stop both internal and external risks in their tracks. Everything from monitoring your current employees password use to revoking employees’ access when being offboarded… We’ve got you covered.

These tools enable you to effectively monitor how credentials are being used, and utilise that data to create an effective security policy.

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