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Managed print services and solutions

Delivering the power, performance, quality and reliability that your business demands.

The right printing setup can save your business time and money.

At onPlatinum, we take the time to understand your current and future document management needs to recommend the best managed print services for your business. Our team will assess your printing needs, considering factors such as the size of your company and the industry you operate in to build a managed printer solution that suits you.

onPlatinum incorporate managed print solutions into your overall IT and business strategies to positively impact your bottom line, productivity, and the planet.

Save with the right printing setup
Saving you money

Exclusive partnership with Kyocera that saves you money

Partnering exclusively with Kyocera Document Solutions Australia, we provide award-winning machines that deliver the power, performance, quality, and reliability that your business demands. Our partnership enables us to install, service, and support managed print solutions across Australia, managed by onPlatinum and serviced by Kyocera’s expert technicians.

Kyocera business printers are designed and built to ensure they are environmentally responsible, durable and cost less to run. Long-life ceramic drum technology means reduced running costs by up to 40% and reduced e-waste by up to 80%. Plus, Kyocera business printers have optimal power control and power-saving modes.

Customised managed print services for every business and department

We have your print needs covered with industry-specific packages, tailored document management plans, and a full range of business copiers and printers. Smart software solutions integrate with the cloud for easy document storage and management to streamline your workflow and improve security, with printing from any device in your network and simple touch-screen operation. onPlatinum can even help coordinate printers to match the requirement of locations in your office and attribute costs to departments and cost centres.

Kyocera printing solutions offer commercial-grade print quality, with customised colour palettes and a full range of print finishing options. Our tiered billing structure provides three levels of colour print pricing and reduced mono print costs. You don’t need to pay for full colour when you only use minimal colour.

Customised managed print services
Australian support

Australian support keeps you running smoothly

Keeping a close eye on your managed print services, onPlatinum proactively manages your devices to fix potential issues before they arise. As the single point of contact for your managed printer solutions, onPlatinum works with Kyocera to ensure fast onsite technician turnaround. All your servicing and consumables are included (excluding paper) with simple billing that helps you budget each month accurately.

Is your printer a money-drainer? Save time and money with the right print setup for your business with onPlatinum. Contact us today.

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