Is it time to outsource your IT?

There comes a point in time for every business where they ask themselves: is it time to outsource our IT? Business owners…

Is it time to Outsource your IT
Posted on: October 15th, 2019 onPlatinum

There comes a point in time for every business where they ask themselves: is it time to outsource our IT? Business owners gradually find themselves spending more time working in the business, not on growing it. Outsourcing your IT is a fantastic way to alleviate the responsibilities of an often non-core business function, leveraging the expertise of a Managed Service Provider (MSP). More than a third of small businesses currently outsource a business process, and over half are looking to outsource this year. If you think it might be time to outsource your IT, ask yourself the following questions:

Is IT taking time away from you?

Outsourcing allows you to free up time your staff are otherwise spending on technical issues. This will enable them to focus on more business-critical tasks, concentrating on growing and improving the business. Employees will no longer waste time with technology issues, and if they do arise then your provider is just a phone call away.

Are your IT staff overwhelmed?

If you are finding your IT staff are overwhelmed and working at full capacity, you probably want to outsource your IT. Many internal IT departments spend their days helping other staff with issues and maintaining the network or infrastructure. By investing in outsourced IT support, your IT team will have time to focus on strategic projects and innovation that will help your business grow.

Is there a skills gap?

Are you finding that you don’t have the in-house expertise to maintain your IT systems? Technology is continually evolving, and there is a need for continuous education to stay up to date. Small, internal IT teams have difficulty finding time to further their skillsets which can lead to challenges or delays. Outsourcing will ensure that your IT is looked after by an expert who can give it 100% of their focus.

Is in-house IT costing you a fortune?

Reducing costs is the number one reason why companies choose to outsource. Many small to medium businesses find that maintaining in-house support and purchasing hardware upfront, such as printers or computers, can be a very costly investment. You can get the support you need through a MSP to help maintain and manage your IT systems, paying monthly fees instead of large lump sums.

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