Benefits of switching to a cloud based phone system

Small businesses are continually adapting and growing as their business changes. With growth comes new employees, most of which need a work…

Cloud Based Phone System
Posted on: June 6th, 2019 onPlatinum

Small businesses are continually adapting and growing as their business changes. With growth comes new employees, most of which need a work phone. Companies must adjust their phone systems regularly to accommodate new lines. Using traditional on-premise phone systems makes this costly with higher setup and maintenance costs involved. This is where businesses can benefit from a cloud based phone system as it enables them to manage communication in a cost-effective and streamlined manner. Cloud based phone systems are delivered through the Internet, instead of traditional phone lines. They are commonly referred to as VoIP, which stands for “Voice Over Internet Protocol”. There are numerous benefits to implementing a cloud based phone system:

Flexibility to scale up or down

A businesses’ phone systems need to scale up as new employees are brought on board. With cloud based phone systems, a company can add new extensions as necessary to accommodate an increase in call volume. If necessary, the business can deactivate extensions easily. The firm only needs to pay for the extensions that are required.

Continuity and mobility

Using cloud based phone systems allows businesses to stay connected, even outside of the office. Employees can access the tools needed to log in from anywhere using a smartphone, desk phone, or softphone. Additionally, the system is less likely to be affected by external issues such as severe weather. Businesses can uphold a consistent presence with their customers and keep running efficiently.

Easily add new features

Cloud based systems allow business to precisely pick what features they need, which can be turned on and off with ease. For example, a company might like to add premium calling functions during busy seasons to decrease missed called and increase efficiency.

Cost savings

Utilising a cloud based system will require monthly service payments, as opposed to substantial upfront costs of a traditional phone system. There is no need for expensive hardware, infrastructure and maintenance necessary for telephone line system.

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