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Proofpoint heightens customer security by eliminating malicious email

Posted on: May 7th, 2021 onPlatinum


onPlatinum is an award-winning IT managed service provider (MSP) based in Australia. Founded in 2012, onPlatinum was an early entrant into the field of managed IT services. Today the company has over 450 clients with 7000 endpoints across Australia. The company credits its growth to its ethos of “High Tech. High Touch.” It has a cloud-based infrastructure providing a single point of contact for all of their clients’ IT, security, consultancy, communications and print needs. And it’s built a suite of technology-leading managed service offerings through a series of partnerships with select technology companies. The company’s depth of technical expertise has allowed it to integrate the “best of the best” in many areas, delivering advanced services across various IT technologies.

The Challenge: Building a Secure Infrastructure in an Increasingly Dangerous World

Over the past 20 years, the need for greater security has increased along with the explosion of the internet and the growing role technology plays in people’s lives everywhere. Cyber crime has become an international business. Companies are explicitly formed to research and develop new ways to breach a company’s network and steal private information and assets. And every time a new threat succeeds, security technology providers and their users must respond to keep their data and assets secure.

This cycle of threat-and-response has created an environment of constant change, one that requires significant, ongoing investment in both technology and expertise by security providers and their customers to stay ahead—or at least keep up—with the bad guys. Governments around the world have also responded to the growing threat of organized cyber crime. They’ve created new regulations requiring that companies protect their citizens’ private information and assets.

The cost of staying “secure” in today’s world has become exceedingly high. Not all companies can or want to purchase and manage the security infrastructure they need to do business. Providing managed security services in response to this situation is a natural evolution for companies like onPlatinum and its service delivery model. By partnering with the leading security vendors, onPlatinum can provide its clients with the best security technology. And it can do it at a lower total cost of ownership.

The Next Priority: Stopping Message-Based Attacks

More than 90% of cyber attacks start with phishing. While attackers often try multiple ways to breach a user’s account, phishing emails remain the most effective way to steal a user’s credentials. Criminal groups have become increasingly sophisticated in their attempts to lure users into clicking a malicious link and divulging confidential account credentials. And they often use topical events or free offers to make their emails seem genuine.

“As we sought to expand our managed security service, email filtering and employee awareness training were at the top of our customers’ priority list. The Proofpoint people-centric approach to preventing phishing attacks surpassed our expectations. And it made Proofpoint an easy choice as a preferred partner.”

Shannon Overs, Chief Executive Officer, onPlatinum

onPlatinum began its managed security service by providing multifactor authentication solutions. The company quickly expanded its security offering to include endpoint protection. And when deciding where next to expand their suite of services, stopping message-based threats rose to the top of onPlatinum’s priority list.

“In analyzing our customers’ data, we found that more than nine out of 10 cyber attacks are directed at people rather than infrastructure, usually through phishing emails,” according to onPlatinum’s CEO, Shannon Overs. “If we can prevent 90% of the threats by investing in one specific area of technology, that’s a huge win. And it translates into tremendous ROI for our clients.”

Proofpoint: A Perfect Fit for Safeguarding Email

Given its wide variety of client size and expertise, onPlatinum wanted to cover all aspects of email protection. In addition to preventing phishing and malware attacks, onPlatinum sought a partner with a proven security awareness training program. These managed security service offerings are called Email Protection and Security Awareness Training.

“Proofpoint not only offers what we feel is the best technology for preventing email-based attacks, but their training programs have been very well-received by our clients.” explained Overs. “They stop people from getting phished, no matter who or where a malicious email comes from.”

onPlatinum also valued the Proofpoint “people-centric” approach to security. This people-centric focus arose in response to a change in the way cyber criminals operate. Instead of attacking an infrastructure directly, cyber criminals now most frequently target specific individuals to gain access to a company network.

What’s more, onPlatinum was impressed with the commitment Proofpoint has to solving the customer problems. Both companies share a “client-focused” culture that has become a centerpiece of their businesses.

“We don’t simply resell equipment or software,“ emphasized Overs. “We treat the client’s network security like we treat our own. We found this same level of commitment to the customer at Proofpoint. And at heart, we are both people-centric companies, and this dedication to customers and to our partnership is what has made working with Proofpoint a pleasure.”

For more information, visit proofpoint.com or onplatinum.com.au.

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