How to keep your business safe at Christmas

Christmas isn’t the time to be complacent with your cyber security – it’s the busiest time of year for cyber criminals.

Posted on: December 11th, 2020 onPlatinum

Businesses are winding down and preparing to relax over the Christmas and New Year period. But it isn’t the time to be complacent with your cyber security – Christmas is the busiest time of year for cyber criminals, taking advantage of security vulnerabilities and distracted employees.

Here are a few tips to keep your business safe at Christmas:

  • Staff need to remain vigilant – it is important not to get distracted by deadlines and celebrations, always keep an eye out for suspicious links and keep your devices locked.
  • Look out for Business Email Compromise scams – over the holiday period cyber criminals will attempt to impersonate management, asking employees to purchase gifts cards or corporate gifts on their behalf.
  • Ensure that security updates and patches for devices continue over the holiday period – you expose your business to increase security risks by freezing updates.
  • Take precautions while travelling – be sure to keep your devices with your personal luggage and don’t leave your phone lying around in public!
  • Use email sanitation to filter out phishing emails – controlling spam and stopping unwanted emails from reaching your inbox is especially important with employees returning to hundreds of emails!

The Christmas holiday period is the perfect time for cyber criminals to steal from small businesses. Make sure you have measures in place to reduce your risk this Christmas.

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