How to hold a great remote meeting

The way teams communicate and collaborate is changing. Remote meetings are becoming an essential part of the workflow for people all around…

Posted on: April 22nd, 2020 onPlatinum

The way teams communicate and collaborate is changing. Remote meetings are becoming an essential part of the workflow for people all around the world. It can be challenging to hold productive remote meetings as people are so used to meeting face-to-face. Keep reading to find out how to hold a great remote meeting, keep your team engaged, and the meeting running smoothly.

Use video

Holding video meetings makes the team feel more connected and like they are actually in the room together. Microsoft Teams offers video calls to keep your team connected, allowing you to share content and make notes at the same time. However, video calls rely on a strong internet connection which is not always available, so provide the option for audio-only as well. Remember to be considerate of others and avoid side conversations or distractions in the background.

Assign roles

Remote meetings can be more challenging to manage and keep on track than in person. Keep your meeting on track by assigning roles. Assign a facilitator, notetaker and timekeeper to ensure you focus on the content. These roles will also help people to feel more involved in the meeting and be less distracted by their surroundings.

Invite everyone to participate

A challenge with remote meetings and video calling is people speaking over each other, as there are delays over the internet and nobody knows who is going to talk next. The facilitator should invite everyone to participate in the conversation, calling on people and making sure everyone has the opportunity to share before a decision is made.

Keep presentations short

People struggle to pay attention to long presentations and find it even harder when the meeting is being held virtually. A successful remote meeting should, as much as possible, focus on discussion.

Start with an icebreaker or small talk

It is a great idea to start every remote meeting with an icebreaker or some small talk to develop interpersonal relationships. Ask the team how their day was, or what projects they have been working on. This will boost team morale and maintain a connection for those working remotely.

The biggest challenges of remote meetings are keeping everyone engaged and feeling connected to the team. Come prepared for your meeting and make sure everyone gets involved.

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