How stale is your online presence? Here’s how to refresh your online marketing

Building your business’s online presence involves a myriad of different platforms, media and locations to manage and sometimes this can lead to…

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Posted on: October 26th, 2016 onPlatinum

Building your business’s online presence involves a myriad of different platforms, media and locations to manage and sometimes this can lead to what I commonly refer to as the “stale factor”. In other words, how old is the information you are showing your clients and when was the last time you updated it? One known Google “tickboxes” when they evaluate your website is the last time your website was updated and how “fresh” the information is. This also explains why online marketing companies are always talking about “blogging” without actually telling us why we should all be crazily writing new content every week.

Are you even the blogging type?

Updating our websites or social media doesn’t mean we all have to be spending copious hours a week creating great content for our website. Let’s face it, not everyone is a writer just like not everyone can do taxes or financial planning.

You could choose to either have one of your team members in house undertake some regular content, or my personal favourite, use industry news to accomplish the same task. Those monthly newsletters could be a goldmine of fresh interesting reading for your clients when used correctly.

Taking that information and letting your ideal clients know of the changes not only shows you’re current within your industry but also provides you with fresh content for your online marketing. How many industry newsletters do you receive every month that might help you refresh your website content?

Do you interact or share what’s happening?

Another way to keep up with a new online marketing presence is to let common day to day occurrences help accomplish this. A great photo of a staff golf day or a review of your attendance at a recent conference and what was learned all makes news and thus all makes content you can use on your site or your social media platform. You may attend lots of these events but your ideal client doesn’t.

Look at our TV news services every evening. These programs are nothing but “curators” of news. They simply repeat the day’s events to us in a format we can absorb easily and quickly. Are you sharing what happens in your organisation weekly and can you apply this to provide extra value to your clients?

At our first conference in 2015 I mentioned a picture can often be worth a 1000 words. Simply put, are you taking advantage of a quick photo opportunity to generate information of interest to use with your social media or even on your website? In today’s day and age, our smart phones are with us most of the time so use your camera to snap away as the picture quality is good enough to post online to refresh your online marketing.

Is it time for a renovation?

Just like your home or an investment property, your online marketing could always do with a coat of paint or some fresh carpet. A fresh logo, call to action or banner display on your social media is something people notice and can often create new leads over your competitors who haven’t made a change to their online presence in many instances, for years.

A redesign or change of layout for your website is certainly noticed and indexed very fast by Google. It is personally one of my favourite strategies to boost results and the overall online presence with our clients. Some of the greatest surges in prospective client leads were achieved via a website renovation from an older platform or a graphic redesign.

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