5 ways to create a happy, healthy workplace

A happy, healthy workplace will positively impact employees at work and in their personal lives. For a company, it will result in…

Healthy Workplace
Posted on: May 21st, 2019 onPlatinum

A happy, healthy workplace will positively impact employees at work and in their personal lives. For a company, it will result in increased productivity, improve staff relationships, reduce absenteeism, and improvements to corporate image. Employees with better sleep, concentration, and see improvements in their mental health. Here are five easy ways to create a happy, healthy workplace.

1. Greet your team and have meaningful conversations

It is so important to make employees feel comfortable in the workplace. A positive environment will impact productivity and energy levels. A simple “good morning” and a smile can have a big impact on employees and their mood. Ask your team how their weekend was, and don’t be afraid to get to know your employees by having meaningful conversations and learning new things about each other to create a respectful, happy culture.

2. Focus on work/life balance

Nowadays, work/life balance is a priority for many employees who feel they don’t have time to get anything done outside of work. By offering incentives to your team, you can have a positive impact on their overall wellbeing, resulting in them being happier and more productive at work and creates a healthy workplace. They will feel that they are respected and valued as a loyal employee.

There are many ways to do this, including offering work-from-home days and discounts for health and wellbeing programs. Just think about what perks you would want and what makes you happy outside of work for some ideas.

3. Try not to micromanage

Nobody likes to be micromanaged. It stresses people out and makes them feel that they are not trusted to do their job. You need to give your team the freedom to complete their work, so they don’t waste time.

4 Provide constructive feedback and deliver praise often

Feedback should be used to provide constructive criticism to your employees. Treat any feedback sessions as a two-way conversation to create a healthy workplace, and encourage people to ask questions. It’s key that you provide feedback regularly to have the most significant impact, so communicate with employees monthly.

Conversely, you need to ensure that employees feel appreciated for the excellent work they are doing. Offer praise and recognition regularly, and employees will be excited to contribute further to the organisation.

5. Get out of the work routine occasionally

Sitting in the office all day every day can become very repetitive. Break this boredom by surprising your team and getting out of the typical work routine when possible. Surprising employees with team lunches and meetings outside of the office will result in increased productivity during the following workdays as your team will be refreshed ready to tackle work after a break.

Simple steps can be taken to improve workplace wellness and create a healthy workplace environment for your employees.

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