What to look for in a new IT Service Provider

Choosing a new IT service provider can be a tough decision. Your business needs to be supported by an organisation that you…

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Posted on: May 16th, 2019 onPlatinum

Choosing a new IT service provider can be a tough decision. Your business needs to be supported by an organisation that you can trust. There is much to consider when determining which provider will best suit, as a wrong decision can be costly. Below are five things to consider when choosing a new IT service provider so you are confident in your choice.

A team of experts

When you’re looking for a new provider, it’s incredibly important that they have a diverse team of experts. Their staff must understand technology solutions and hardware and be available to assist with any problems that may arise. Their team should care about your success, focusing on your needs and respond eagerly to your requests.

Regular support and maintenance

Check if the service provider performs regular checks and maintenance to avoid potential costly issues arising. Service providers should have proactive processes in place and provide ongoing support. You need to be able to get in contact with experts if problems occur.

Brand reputation

It’s important to consider how long your potential IT service provider has been in business, as well as their growth over the years. Consider also their current clients and gauge what their areas of expertise are. Chances are if you heard of the company through word of mouth, it’s probably a good sign that they are reputable and will be beneficial to your company.

Service offering

Does the provider deliver one specific service that you require or a comprehensive range of services that you may need in the future? If you’re unsure exactly what you require, look for a service provider with a variety of offerings. Their team of experts can discuss your business needs and determine the best solution for you. At onPlatinum, we can provide everything your business will need to run smoothly.

Service quality focused

Top providers focus on the quality of services they provide and ensuring they provide the infrastructure and support to the systems and processes within your organisation.

If you’re looking for a new IT service provider, the team at onPlatinum ICT are happy to discuss your business and IT needs. Contact us today with any questions you may have.

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