Ways technology increases work productivity

Technology integration is having a positive impact on workplace productivity. Employees can communicate instantly from any location and can access data at…

Posted on: February 17th, 2020 onPlatinum

Technology integration is having a positive impact on workplace productivity. Employees can communicate instantly from any location and can access data at any time. Businesses need to utilise technology to improve productivity, in turn, increasing revenue and work quality. Here are five ways technology increases work productivity.

Improve collaboration

Technology can boost collaboration, teamwork and communication across the company. Use tools such as Microsoft Teams to hold meetings, make calls and communicate with colleagues. Using chat tools minimises the time spent emailing back and forth, and urgent questions can be answered quickly, all in one thread. You can also increase the productivity of brainstorming sessions, using cloud-based note-taking applications to share information easily amongst teams.

Simplify project management

Utilising project management tools to simplify and clarify projects for teams. Team members can see who is working on what, as well as know deadline, tasks required and potential bottlenecks in the process.

Automate manual tasks

One of the greatest ways that technology can increase work productivity is by automating manual tasks. Technology can do the heavy lifting for you, automating workflows and processes so you can focus on higher-value work. For example, you can use tools to follow up new leads, provide updates, or send messages to clients. It is highly likely that you will find tools that already integrate with your current systems or applications.

Track time automatically

Gone are the days of manually clocking in and keeping timesheets to log hours. With manual tracking, employees tend to either overestimate or underestimate time spend on tasks. By tracking time automatically, you will gain valuable insights into how the workforce is allocating and spending their time each day. This will help employees figure out how to be more productive throughout the day.

Increase engagement

Businesses can increase employee engagement by sending out surveys and opening anonymous feedback channels. Employees will feel more engaged because of the opportunity to provide feedback, feeling that their employers are more empathetic.

Simplifying processes and improving communication results in a more productive workforce. Use technology to your advantage to boost productivity in your business and make your employees feel valued and engaged.

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What our clients say

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Condev Construction pride ourselves on quality construction and building lasting relationships. When considering a new ICT company, we looked beyond IT. We deliberately build long term partnerships with companies that share our corporate culture and ethos. Not only are onPlatinum leading the way with innovative technology and strategic business solutions they are the right business partner for Condev, and we are excited to be working together on many projects that fall outside of the ‘traditional’ ICT arena.

Glenn Cream, Director of Business, Systems and Compliance, Condev Construction.
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As a client since 2013, onPlatinum look after our business fibre internet, call centre phone systems, cloud and office printers. From service, sales and accounts all departments are easy and hassle free to deal with. We would have no hesitation recommending them other businesses who value service and effective IT. onPlatinum are always the first company we recommend to our clients who are looking for assistance with their ICT.

Travis Barlow - Managing Director, Vodafone Business Centre
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onPlatinum ICT has become a core component of our business functionality. We utilise a suite of services from internet connection, cloud computing and a hosted phone system, enabling us to save on resources. Simply put, onPlatinum ICT is the perfect fit for us.

Bernie Hogan – Chief Executive, Queensland Hotel Association (QHA)
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Being a franchise network, we at First Class Accounts understood the importance of a mobilised workforce. onPlatinum ICT implemented cloud computing virtually seamlessly, allowing us to work anywhere and on any device at any time.

Debbie Stanton - General Manager, First Class Financial Group
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